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The Guicegirls are God-fearing authors, motivational speakers, and entrepreneurs. God has also blessed them to sing and dance throughout their community.  Last but not least, the girls own and operate their clothing line alongside their parents and grandparents. 

Being born into a family of entrepreneurs and business owners has paved the way for the Guicegirls. They have watched their grandmothers, aunts, uncles, and parents run a business system encouraging great work ethics and leadership skills. Not just the entrepreneurship background but entertainment comes naturally for these young ladies; both sides of their families are blessed with talent. The Guicgirl's father, Nathan Guice, and mother, Jazherine Jamias, business owners, grew up as athletes and excelled in school.


 Jazherine's grandfather Alfred Jamias- a rock and roll legend loved singing on stage and playing the guitar was the joy of his life. The girl's mom's mother, Carolyn Jamias, is a great singer who has sung on many stages in the Philippines. Jazherine’s aunt Jazmin Jamias is a senior editor at AFI, with an acceptance rate of 1% in Hollywood, CA., and was awarded the 2023 ACE Anne V Coates Award for student editing.

 Nathan comes from a family born and raised in the Baptist church, where the singing came naturally for his aunts and grandparents. Some to mention are Aunt Nina, Auntie Teri, and Granny Jay. They sang leading songs in the church choir. Not just aunts on Nathan's side but talented uncles Kevin Jones and Sammie Simmons, great chefs who followed in his grandfather's Archie Jones footsteps as he was an executive chef for years and owned his own catering business. Their Uncle Brandt Jones (B-Legit) is a Bay Area legend of the music industry and a business owner who started his career over 35 years ago. We can’t leave out the girl’s mentor Uncle Earl known as E40, who has been in the music industry and is a successful business owner. 

Their family recently found out just last year that Nathan's great-great-great-grandfather was an artist, a man of many talents, and a business owner. He owned and operated one of the first black stores in South Carolina in the late 1950s. This is an understanding of why so many, including the Guicegirls, love to draw, be creative and create businesses. 

Their grandmother and spiritual mentor, Dr. Marena Simmons Jones, author and business owner in the childcare industry of Vallejo for over 35 years, has managed and supported the girls throughout their careers.

The girl's spiritual mentors are Dr. Clayton Lea, Uncle Pastor Aaron Anderson, and Dr. Cindy Trimm

The Guicegirls Vision is to see children of the world understand their passions and what they are good at and to tap into God’s original plan for their lives.

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