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Being born into a family of entrepreneurs and business owners has paved the way for the Guicegirls. They have watched their grandmothers, aunt, and parents run a business system encouraging great work ethics and leadership skills. Not just the entrepreneurship background but entertainment comes naturally for these young ladies; both sides of their families are blessed with talent. The Guicgirl's father, Nathan  Guice, and mother, Jazherine Jamias, grew up as athletes and excelled in school. Jazherine's great-grandfather loved singing on stage,  and playing the guitar was the joy of his life. The girl's mom's mother is a great singer who has sung on many stages in the Philippines. Nathan comes from a family of aunts and grandmothers who sang, and some sang leading songs in the church choir. Not just aunts on Nathan's side but talented uncles who are great chefs following in his grandfather's footsteps as he was an executive chef for years and owned his own catering business. Finding out just last year that Nathan's great great great grandfather was an artist. This gave us an understanding why so many, including the Guicegirls, love to draw and be creative. Jazherine's aunt Jazmin Jamias received the 2023 Anne V. Coates Award for student editing from the American Film Institute. Last but not least, the girls have a host of talented cousins whom they look up to. 

Their grandmother Dr. Marena Simmons Jones, author, and business owner, has managed and supported the girls throughout their careers. Her motto for children is, “If they feel it and God agrees with it, it should be supported.” She believes that when children are allowed to be themselves and exposed to different life skills, they will learn their God-given gifts early, which can expose them to their Godly purpose. Simmons Jones a teacher and business owner for several years, has had a performance art program within her childcare business throughout the years. Her program system encouraged and allowed children to be speakers, dancers, entrepreneurs, little chefs, poets,  singers, and more. She also believes this builds confident children for their future.

Melanie and Nia watched their grandmother, Simmons Jones, write a book and decided they wanted to be authors as well, and then proceeded to do so. They started to ask biblical questions, which encouraged Simmons Jones to buy Bibles. After the girls started reading their Bibles, this is when they began writing their first books.

The Guicegirl's mission is to show children of color that they are gifted and can express themselves through the expression of their own natural God-given talents. The Guicegirls also believe that children of color are talented, and when it comes to the arts, they need to become examples to show other children it's okay to be themselves.

 The girls would like other children and their parents to understand that each child is unique and need to be able to express themselves naturally. Their mission is also to expose children to the arts and divine virtues to help them understand their passions, which will help them make great decisions into adulthood.

The Guicegirls Vision is to see children of the world understand their passions and what they are good at and to tap into God’s original plan for their lives.

Regarding entertaining and taking care of business, Melanie, Nia, and Olivia are all natural. They also love to pray and thank God for all he has done.


If You Can Dream It

You can Do It !!!


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